July 28, 2015

3 Must-Try Frozen Summer Desserts Dining

American Express’ favourite summer desserts

July 21, 2015

How to plan for a summer movie in the park Entertainment

A relaxing night doesn’t have to mean staying in! One of our favourite ways to spend a night in the city is by watching a movie in the park. Here are a few tips on how to plan for the perfect evening.

Check the weather/temperature in advance
It’s important that you know what the temperature is going to be so that you can dress and prepare accordingly. Although a summer evening may be seemingly warm, a chill breeze or drop in temperature can be a damper on the experience. Come prepared with a blanket (also good for cuddling) and a few layers so that you can stay cozy and comfortable no matter what the conditions!

Pack drinks and snacks
A movie in the park means that when it comes to food – no rules! Prepare some yummy treats to munch on throughout the flick like microwave popcorn, trail mix or an endless supply of bulk store candy. If you want to go all out even bring your own cooler with juice or water to sip on all without having to get up for a jumbo refill. Bringing you own snacks can also mean healthier options – check out some of TappedIn’s favourite super food snacks for some inspiration!

Pack all of your snacks and drinks into the Picnic Time Canterbury Deluxe Picnic Basket, available from the Amex Membership Rewards catalogue, to optimize the movie going experience!

Bring seating options
Another benefit of a movie in the park is that you are not limited to the discomfort of theatre chairs. This means that you can bring your own custom seating options like bean bags, a blanket with a heap of pillows or camping chairs like the Picnic Time Meta Chair, also available from the Amex Membership Rewards catalogue. You’ll be able to sit back, stretch your legs and enjoy the show without bothering your neighbours.

Bring bug spray
There is nothing like an incessant buzzing in your ear to completely ruin a movie. It’s hard to predict exactly when mosquitoes and black flies will be out so it’s good to come prepared just in case. Be sure to pack a good bug spray so that when and if the bugs come out, they’re keeping their distance.

Know your company
Because a park is not the most conventional setting for a movie, it’s good to know the company your with so you know what you’re getting into. You might have a cuddler, a crier or a chatterbox, and by knowing in advance, you’ll be able to prepare and react accordingly when the time comes. Bringing someone as a date? Check out TappedIn’s great date ideas if your movie in the park date goes well!

Check your local listings to find out when movie’s in the park are taking place. Purchase everything you need in advance using your American Express Card so that you can earn Membership Rewards points and be prepared with all of the essentials for movie nights in the park all summer long!

July 13, 2015

Your Camping Checklist Travel

Camping Check List and Tips from American Express